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FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Ralph Norman in SC-05


FreedomWorks PAC today announced that it is endorsing Ralph Norman for Congress in South Carolina’s Congressional District. Norman is in a runoff on May 16 to replace former Rep. Mick Mulvaney, the OMB Director.

“Ralph is the best choice to succeed Mick Mulvaney and we’re excited to endorse him. He will fight for term limits, lower taxes and less spending. We urgently need real fiscal restraint in Washington and as an outsider Ralph isn’t afraid to shake things up,” said FreedomWorks PAC Chairman Adam Brandon.

“The grassroots in the 5th District are with Ralph because we know he won’t go to Washington to join the club,” said the president of GPS Conservatives in Action, Paul Anderko, of Rock Hill. “It takes real courage to truly limit the size of the federal government. Ralph stands for free enterprise, not business as usual, and we urge voters in the district to support him.”

FreedomWorks PAC seeks to elect true defenders of freedom. For more information, please visit or contact Jon Meadows: (202) 942-7621 or


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