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FreedomWorks PAC Congratulates Rep. Rod Blum for Grassroots Victory in IA-01


Following reports that Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) has won re-election in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, FreedomWorks PAC Chairman Adam Brandon commented:

“Democrats spent nearly $2 million to defeat Rep. Blum. They failed. Democrats failed because voters in Iowa’s 1st District want a representative who talks the talk and walks the walk. Whether he is in the district with his constituents or in Washington, Rep. Blum works to advance constitutionally limited government, pro-growth economic policies, and regulatory restraint.”

“Voters also want an independent, conservative voice in Washington, someone who is willing to take on the leadership of both parties, and Rep. Blum has proven that he stands on principle against the special interests in Washington and does what’s in the best interest of his constituents.”

“Rep. Blum won a great grassroots victory tonight, and we are excited that he’ll be in the House for two more years.”

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